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Sky Desks is a new computing paradigm in the cloud, using Linux. Most of the Crypto currency community is powered by Linux (including miners). Sky Desks enables Windows and Linux Applications to be run in a web browser. To learn more, watch the promo video. The Sky Desks system is currently operational as a prototype. Sky Desks is seeking $5 Million in a token offering to build out the system to other use cases and deployment.


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SkyDesks System.

SkyDesks Token is a hybrid utility security token that enables usage of the SkyDesks system. Token holders receive the ability to use SkyDesk VMs (Virtual Machines). Also, token holders will receive 80% ownership of SkyDesks LLC which they will receive a dividend (if there is a profit). SkyDesks currently has a ready to market application system for the Forex & Crypto algorithmic trading industry. But the potential use of the SkyDesks virtualization technology has wide applications far beyond algorithmic trading.

Using SkyDesks proprietary cloud automation and virtualization technology, it is possible to put nearly any Windows application on the cloud and run from a web browser or your phone. Imagine running your favorite common Windows application from Google Chrome! That’s what SkyDesks can do for your organization.

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In this video walkthrough we explain the uses of the Sky Desks cloud system, including showing some practical examples, admin dashboard interface, features, and more.

SkyDesks Roadmap

Sky Desks has an existing prototype (MVP). Sky Desks is issuing a token in order to enable product development and market growth, and to provide an automated system for users to engage the Sky Desks platform. For example - A Trader who would like to become a signal provider buys a SkyDesks Token (SDT). The token gives the owner (stakeholder) a premium subscription on SkyDesks Premium for one year. Other use cases can be built out such as white label systems that can be deployed and configured with one click.

Our Team

SkyDesks Token is a new cloud computing paradigm for the Blockchain community.

Dr. Sheldon Gardner


Ruben Rubio Rey


Joseph Gelet

Series 3 & 30

William J McBorrough

Cyber Security Leader

Tom Tavernetti

Project Manger

Krzysztof Karol Woźniak


Moses Mbuva

Founder of BitC